The People’s Potluck – Detroit

People from all over the Detroit Metro area gathered for lively discussion and debate around current events, the state of the city and actions happening throughout Michigan. Thursday, July 25, 2013

In what has become a regular monthly meeting of progressives and grassroots community action groups,┬áthe People’s Potluck is open to all progressive folks, their friends and family wishing to get involved in debate around the critical issues facing humanity today.

Here are a few details about the seventh meeting held at Central Methodist Church in downtown Detroit from the People’s Potluck Facebook page:

“Lets hear from folks involved with Trayvon Martin debacle, EFM, Eviction Defense, DCATS, RTW, Climate Change, Immigration Reform, Thousands more women with children thrown off the welfare rolls, Kalamazoo National gathering of Occupy, Light Brigade etc.”

“Presently the dinner is sponsored by Occupy Detroit, Critical Moment, Detroit Social Justice Ministry (CUMC), Detroit Food Not Bombs, People’s Tribune, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Hush House, The Wobbly Kitchen, The Green Party of Michigan, League of Revolutionaries for a New America(LRNA), The Raging Grannies, Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands (D-CATS), South Eastern Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement, Phoenix Cafe, Institute for the Study of the Science of Society(ISSS), This Hood of Ours, Inc, Rally! Comrades, The People’s Radical Discussion Group and more to follow.”