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Who is burning down Detroit’s world-renowned Heidelberg Project?

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is playing inside Detroit artist Tyree Guyton’s head. His iconic “Party Animal House”, part of the world-renowned Heidelberg Project lays in front of him, burned to its foundation. “It’s already speaking to me, and that’s what I hear,” he says about his thoughts on March 7, as he stood looking at the […]

Heidelberg Project’s ‘Party Animal House’ destroyed by fire

An early morning fire claimed the building, known as the ‘Party Animal House’ or, ‘Doll House’, in Tyree Guyton’s world-renowned Heidelberg Project art installation in Detroit, March 7, 2014. Fire broke out in the building just before 3 a.m. according to reports and burned the house at Mt. Elliott Avenue and Elba to the foundation. […]