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Detroit’s bankruptcy eligibility trial begins: Moratorium Now, Unions, and Occupy protest

In a sign of solidarity against Detroit’s Emergency Manager and possible bankruptcy for the city, hundreds of supporters from Moratorium Now, Occupy Detroit, Occupy Wall Street, UAW, AFSCME, SEIU, Rosa Parks Institute and the National Action Network, marched around the courthouse and rallied in front as the first day of Detroit’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy eligibility […]

Occupy Wall Street: A Birthday Celebration for the 99%

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street supporters celebrated in New York City with a weekend of rallies, marches and events beginning Sept. 15th, leading up to the movement’s official anniversary on┬áSeptember 17th.

War Veterans March Against NATO – Give Back Service Medals.

Veterans from the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq lead a march of thousands against NATO in Chicago –┬áMay 20, 2012 The main day of protest had arrived. People from across the country came in busses to Chicago’s Grant Park where the start of the main march and protest against NATO was being staged. There, at […]