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ALEC convention draws protest of thousands in Chicago

Thousands protested in the streets Thursday, August 8, 2013  in downtown Chicago outside the Palmer House Hilton Hotel where The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) held their 40th anniversary convention. A coalition of concerned citizens, community and action groups joined union members and supporters to voice their concern about what they feel is the influence […]

More than 100 arrested at Chicago schools protest

An estimated 5,000 parents, students, teachers, public school employees and community residents rallied in Chicago Wednesday, March 27, 2013, against an announcement by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Public School Board to close 54 public schools in the city next year. The closings will affect more than 30,000 students, primarily in low-income black and Latino areas […]

War Veterans March Against NATO – Give Back Service Medals.

Veterans from the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq lead a march of thousands against NATO in Chicago – May 20, 2012 The main day of protest had arrived. People from across the country came in busses to Chicago’s Grant Park where the start of the main march and protest against NATO was being staged. There, at […]

Occupy Flint: Election Day – Nov. 8th

Occupy Flint supporters set up tents on the lawn at Flint City Hall along Saginaw St. downtown, were the 52nd precinct polling station is located. Planning to occupy the space for 24 hours and “stand up for the right of Americans to freely assemble and voice their grievances,” they talked with voters and passed out […]

Occupy Oakland: General Strike, Nov. 2nd

It was a day to be remembered. More than than 10,000 people, with some estimates as high as 100,000, packed the streets of downtown Oakland in response to the Occupy movement’s call for a general strike to shut the city down. Many union members and city workers joined the protest, which at times, took on […]

Occupy Oakland: Daily life Oct. 28th – 30th.

The movement returned to the Frank H Ogawa Plaza/Oscar Grant Park in front of Oakland City Hall after police forcibly evicted and razed their encampment earlier in the week. Click here to see the full gallery of images

Occupy Oakland: March Against the Police State

October 29th, several hundred Occupy Oakland supporters took to the streets to speak out against the police state they feel has developed in Oakland, California. Clashes with the police earlier in the week saw OPD and officers from other districts shooting tear gas and firing rubber bullets into crowds of demonstrators. During those clashes, on […]

Occupy Detroit: Protest Against Bank of America

Nearly 200 Occupy Detroit protesters marched to the Bank of America branch in the Guardian Building a few blocks away from their camp at Grand Circus Park where they joined members of the UAW to demand an end to home foreclosures by the bank. In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been […]

Occupy Lansing: Oct 15th

Close to 300 Occupy Lansing supporters gathered around the Michigan Capital Building steps for the movement’s General Assembly Saturday, Oct 15th. Although this was their first large GA in Lansing, some protesters have been camped out, occupying Reutter Park a couple blocks away since Oct 9th. People with many political views and interests came from […]

Occupy Detroit: Day 1 – Oct. 14th

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been going on in the financial district of Manhattan since Sept. 17th and others that have sprung up around the world, Occupy Detroit supporters gathered at the Spirit of Detroit statue located at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in downtown. Close to 2,000 protesters […]

Occupy Grand Rapids: Day 1 – Oct. 8th

Occupy Grand Rapids, MI, is one of over 1,000 cities across the US to follow the lead of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. The group plans to camp out and occupy Ah-Nab-Awen park in front of the Gerald R. Ford Museum along the Grand River, with daily marches into the downtown […]

Occupy Wall Street NYC: Mass Arrests on Brooklyn Bridge

Over 700 people arrested during march across Brooklyn Bridge. Photographs of the march onto Brooklyn Bridge and the mass arrests on it by the NYPD Oct 1st. Click here to see the full gallery Protestors are blocked from crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by the NYPD during an Originally planning to march across the bridge to […]

Occupy Wall Street NYC: Daily Life

Photographs of daily life in Liberty Square during the Occupy Wall Street protests. Sept. 27th – Oct 1st. Click here to see the full gallery A protestor dances to the drum group playing in Liberty Square during the Occupy Wall Street protests. A protestor gets some sleep in Liberty Square during the Occupy Wall Street […]

Occupy Wall Street NYC: Marches in the Financial District

Photos from Sept. 27th-30th. Daily life in Liberty Square and marches into the financial district in Manhattan with Occupy Wall Street. Click here to view the full gallery of images. March to the NYPD headquarters in protest of police brutality, Friday Sept. 30th. March to the New York Stock Exchange.