Exploring Italy and the discovery of new friends.

The beauty of Italy cannot be understated. It’s been a week since we left but still hard to shake the desire to load up the car and drive back – now. It hits you as soon as you get there: the art, food and richness of life, coupled with the kindness of its people is something to marvel. The birthplace of European civilization, Italy embraces both past and present, adhering to rich tradition, yet vibrant and contemporary.

Whether walking the downtown side streets of Naples soaking up all the life and color it throws at you, strolling the ancient ruins of Rome, or sitting on a sandy beach staring up at Sperlonga, a city high atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, this country will fill your soul – and then some. But for us, the most lasting – most fulfilling memories –  are evening dinners in the garden on our friends farm in Piglio, morning espresso and conversation looking out the window overlooking their olive grove, and the wonderment of making new, lasting friendships that will bring us back to this magical place time and again.