Protest against emergency financial manager legislation in Lansing, Mi.

In a protest led by the Michigan AFL-CIO
, over 1,000 union workers, teachers and other supporters rallied outside the Capitol Building in Lansing to speak out against new the budget plan put forth by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder that would cut state funds to cites and education as well as, proposed legislation that would give emergency financial managers appointed by the state, sweeping new powers.

Snyder’s proposed budget, if passed, would push cities and schools into the red, making them easy targets for these new emergency financial managers appointed by the state board to come in and take over. In addition, new legislation (which passed a day after these protests) would allow the state to appoint emergency financial managers to run cities and school systems that have been hit hard by the economic crisis. These EFMs would have the power to ban collective bargaining, void contracts and make choices without input from dedicated professionals, parents, community members and school board members.

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