Occupy Oakland: General Strike, Nov. 2nd

It was a day to be remembered. More than than 10,000 people, with some estimates as high as 100,000, packed the streets of downtown Oakland in response to the Occupy movement’s call for a general strike to shut the city down. Many union members and city workers joined the protest, which at times, took on the air of astreet carnival. Staging from the Frank H Ogawa Plaza/Oscar Grant Park at the intersection of 14th and Broadway, protesters set out in large groups canvassing the downtown to march on banks and shut them down.

Later in the day the thousands formed a procession nearly a mile long, with some boarding busses, heading for the Port of Oakland to shut it down before the longshoreman’s 7 p.m. shift change. The marchers reached the port and brought all trucking in and out to a standstill, effectively shutting the port down. Protesters returned to Frank H Ogawa Plaza/Oscar Grant Park downtown, after receiving news from the longshoreman’s arbitrator that union workers would not be coming into work for the night shift.

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