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On April 15th and 16th protestors rallied in Michigan’s capitol against HB 4214 – the Emergency Financial Manager Bill. People from all over the region came together on those two days in Lansing: welders, teachers, electricians, students, legislators, actors, writers, retirees, and many who have lost their jobs to the recession. In effort to put a more human face on who HB 4214 will affect, I photographed the faces of citizens protesting over the course of the two days. My goal was to capture as many people as I could through simple portraits taken at the rally against Governor Rick Snyder and the bill. The images here were posted in hope that the people I had photographed would come, look through the gallery and find their photo – then email, download, print and share it.

Michigan House Bill 4214 gives Governor Rick Snyder the power to declare¬†any municipality or school district to be in a ‘state of financial emergency’ and to appoint a single person to become the sole trustee of that municipality or school district with the power to void any pre-existing contract, dismiss any locally elected officials, and remove the rights of the unions. Using his proposed budget cuts for the state, which gives huge tax cuts for corporations while eliminating tax credits for low-income workers, taxes pensions and cuts public school budgets by almost $500 per student, Snyder will effectively force cities, municipalities and schools into financial distress, making way for HB 4214 to be utilized.