From The Streets

Exploring Italy and the discovery of new friends.

The beauty of Italy cannot be understated. It’s been a week since we left but still hard to shake the desire to load up the car and drive back – now. It hits you as soon as you get there: the art, food and richness of life, coupled with the kindness of its people is […]

Color, reflections and the smoking angel

I’ve been blown away by the winter in Prague this year. It has been a magical mix of sometimes brisk, sometimes mild weather, with that low golden light that has you guessing what it will illuminate next as it pops out from behind white billowy clouds. As I’ve written many times before, I’ve always been […]

Beyond the Velvet (revolution)

I arrived to Prague a few of years after the Velvet Revolution of 1989. The streets were magical and alive with photos waiting to be captured around every corner. Times have changed in the Czech capitol since then but some of the memories of those early days after the revolution will live on in photographs.

Terezin Concentration Camp: a solemn discovery

My family and I, along with a close friend visiting from Berlin, spent a long afternoon at the Terezín Memorial and Ghetto Museum a week or so ago. We walked through the Memorial and Ghetto Museum trying to get our minds around the past horrors of what happened here, while contemplating the significance of events […]

November rain and a familiar mystery in the air

I don’t know what it is. Something that just descends on me as I step out into the drizzle this November morning. Something familiar. Intrigue pulls me into the street and onto the tram, headed up to Prague’s Letna Park. From there, the view over the Vltava river with its succession of bridges across to the city’s Old […]