After 90 years, historic Detroit church prepares to close.

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Talking with people, I’m always taken in by their stories of life in Detroit back in the 50s-60s and the history around St. Gregory the Great church on Dexter, just off of the Lodge Freeway is precisely what I’m talking about. This parish has been going since 1923 and at the end of June will close its doors after 90 years.

During one Sunday mass and the special luncheon held after, I experienced a range of stories from Jamaican immigrants who came to the city in 1950, to people whose grandparents attended the church back in the late 20s, to community members who are DPS teachers, tradesmen and retirees.

Regardless of what is happening right now in the city, this is what really matters – the people who have lived here and put blood and sweat equity into their communities and Detroit as a whole.

So many of them love this city and I believe the failure of democracy is not something they deserve.

Originally photographed for the Detroit Free Press. Published on June 10, 2013